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I enjoyed this game so so so much !
I also butchered all the French parts so ,,, !!! Sorry for that !

This game accurately represents the feelings of most who have worked in the customer service industry. That being said this game is pretty funny and fun to play! Awesome game developers! Keep up the good work! 


As someone who has worked in retail for over 3 years now, this game was awesome! I loved the dialog lol C'est un bon jeu vidéo! Je suis très heureux quand j'ai giflai les gens! :) (Sorry for my bad french!) 

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After receiving a comment from one of your team members about an English version, I awaited patiently for one and I have to say, it was definitely worth the wait and two times as fun and hilarious as last time!

Hope you guys can make more games like this in the future! Thank you developers so much for creating such a wonderful and educational experience as well as a hilarious game too.

made a vid for the English version! Thank you Devs! for hitting up for the new version! really do love your game if you have any other game dont be afraid to message me again!

This game has an intresting idea.  I didn't understand how to play it because i don't understand french. Please translate it to english because i can't rate the game if i don't understand what to do.

This was absolutely so funny to play. Haha. I could understand a few sentences that were in Francois so it was even more fun to play!

I loved the puns in the game and the fact that you could slap people who made those puns too. The sound effects coming from the peoples/animals were so funny when you slapped them too.

Totally worth the time of playing and recording. Keep making more funny games like this!

lol only if there was a full English version

Is there a way to get an English version. I really like the game